Why Apple Makes The Most Secure Smartphones To Protect Your Business

Like most people, you’re probably overly busy and overly interconnected online. It’s been said many times over that it’s a busy, busy world. If you’ve been shopping around for a new phone, or recently purchased one, you know how much you rely on it. You’ve invested a ton of time finding the best smartphone for business needs; you’ve spent some large amounts of money on the phone and data plan.

So do you know how vulnerable it may be?

With the recent release of HBO’s documentary ‘citizenfour’, truth is, all our data that’s online is susceptible to being hacked or found out in some way. So whether you are looking for the best smartphone for business or personal use, you need to know that it is vulnerable to being hacked in one way or another.

Look, technology is an awesome resource for all of us. It keeps us connected to each other and the world around us. But in George Orwell’s prescient novel, “1984”, he warns the reader of an age that is always interconnected and constantly monitored.

Truthfully, we live in an age that was once only considered the realm of fiction not too long ago. But with anything in our connected world, the more mobile we allow our personal information to become, the greater the security risk.

Whether it’s the best smartphone on the market, a new laptop or even your TV, there are a number of risks that can expose us all.

You need to be aware of the potential risks and understand what information is vulnerable.

So before you purchase a phone or use it in any way, you need to understand that it may be at risk. Once you understand that, next you need to decide what is the most acceptable information you’re willing to expose to a potential hacker, to other corporations and governments before you can finally enjoy your device.

Like A Leak In The Dam, Don’t Just Poke More Fingers Into The Holes

For every malware and Trojan horse, they develop different security patches and types of code to protect and encrypt our most sensitive data. With modern technology, we’ve placed a wealth of information and personal data online. Often we have access to birth dates and Social Security numbers linked with banking account info all on our phones. Sensitive information that we have to protect and so we buy software that helps keep that information safe.

So What Type Of Smartphone Is The Best? We Believe It’s Made By Apple, Here’s Why…

When you’re shopping for a new phone, especially one that you need for storing sensitive personal or private information, look for one with a proven track record of being secure. In other words, look for a phone company that has a history of keeping data secure.

With that in mind, we believe that Apple is arguably the most secure of all devices and best smartphone for business.


For starters, it comes with a suite of the best productivity apps for their iPhone brand. These Apps come installed on any new iPhone and include their outstanding Apps such as Pages for documents, Numbers for spreadsheets, and Keynote for presentations among others. These are all built and developed by Apple, and you can use just these productivity apps safely and securely for all your business needs if you so choose.

And part of the strength that Apple has over their competitors is that they build these devices in a vertical manner. That means they control all aspects of their iPhones, from hardware to software development, and this allows Apple to control accessibility to their devices. Their only weakness is that they do allow third-party access to their App marketplace.

This accessibility is different then all Android and Windows phones that are heavy on third-party integration for their Apps. Whereas the Android and Windows strategy allows for a wider selection of Apps to choose for your phone. But by the sheer number of developers with access, it also means more vulnerability to hacking.

If you plan on storing any sensitive information, from personal or corporate, choosing the best smartphone for business should also weigh the importance of keeping that data secure. The trick is to find ways to protect what matters most. Whether it’s personal information or corporate plans, finding the best smartphone for business is only one part of a larger challenge. In other words, we buy these amazing devices and tools to help us, and we should have faith that the information we store on them is secure.

For that purpose, its pretty obvious that the vertical integration that defines the way Apple produces their iPhones makes them the most secure.

Knowing What Is At Risk Helps You Understand The Importance Of Online Security

The recent HBO documentary “citizenfour” that centered on the data breaches as detailed by Edward Snowden show how much our online presence is more open and available then we may have thought. Recently we saw this in real-time as there was a huge breach in celebrity phones having their pictures released online.

So unless you’re a Luddite planning on using only handwritten letters, notes and spreadsheets for your business, finding security for that information is important. So when you’re researching what is the best smartphone for business, keep in mind that once you post information online, it’s vulnerable.

It isn’t as if we’re under constant surveillance; that at any giving moment there’s to be a knock at the door, and you’re under arrest by Orwell’s “thought police”. The threat is more about sensitive information being released and shared with others that you may not want having access.

Be aware of the risks, and you should be able to find the right phone for your specific needs. By knowing that a vertically integrated company such as Apple can limit the amount of access to their software, making their phones more secure, it’s pretty obvious what is the best smartphone for your business.

Why Apple Makes The Most Secure Smartphones To Protect Your BusinessLike most people, you're probably overly busy and overly interconnected online. It's been said many times over that it's a busy, busy world. If you've been shopping around for a new phone, or recently purchased one, you know how...