Locating people in under 5 minutes

Investigators learn a range of skills during their operations but one thing is true. Not all Investigators are the same and each have special skills or knowledge in a special niche field of Investigations.

Most Investigator training courses teach you about the Privacy Act and make a report about a subject. Very few actually teach you how to work as an Investigator in the field. In particular the specialisation area of factual investigation is often avoided during training courses for the following reasons.

Those Investigators that were Police had an entire Intelligence and computer section with all your personal details already loaded into it. That means they never needed to learn how to find information about a subject from the start. They would start with a file workup already.

Computer skills need upgrading all the time and new software has to be purchased. Most training companies don’t have this equipment and tell you to get your own.

Teaching surveillance techniques is more sexy and what most students want to learn. But it is no good being able to follow them if you haven’t located them first.

How to find people

I am not going to include specifics here for obvious reasons, and those interested in more can always attend my training courses in Melbourne.

People are very lazy when it comes to their personal information and giving it to other people. This is how investigators can find you.

You fill out those entry forms in shopping centres to win some cheap prize. You hand over your address, mobile phone number, and email address without thought.

You sign in to Facebook or such and post your details everywhere. Once you put something on the Internet it stays there forever and anyone can find your details.

You decide to post your resume over the Internet. See above for why you shouldn’t.

Employers ask you to list your hobbies and interests. This information is used to track you. You may change house and employment, but most of you will never change your hobbies or interests will you.

Tracking animals

There is a very specialised field of investigations that teaches you to follow human behaviour patterns just like tracking an animal in the wild. We are animals after all and follow certain habits, society rules, and addictions that are hard to change.

By learning your habits it becomes easier to locate you. If you change address for example most investigations would stop there because they are not trained to make a trail jump from a dead end to the most likely spot you are at. Tracking habits and behaviours take an understanding of how the subject thinks, behaves, and acts to the stimuli in the environment.

Combination tracking

With my military training and investigation knowledge I have combined this with my years of human behavioural analysis to provide a system that is highly accurate in almost all cases. This means that I usually locate the information about a subject in under 5 minutes in over 60% of my cases.

I enjoy the harder subjects though because they get to test my ability and provide a challenge to provide focus and review of my skills and knowledge.

Six degrees of separation

People talk about the six degrees of separation but rarely ever bother to find out what it means or how it was proved. But for finding people it is invaluable.

I want you to think for a moment about how many family members that you interact with on a weekly basis. Write that number down.

Now write down the number of work colleagues and clients or customers that know you.

Now write down the number of people that know you outside of work.

Giving away your information

It is accepted that a single person has over 250 known associates in their circle that know them well enough.

Now imagine how many times you have told different people parts of your life and current events. What you did, who you did it with, why you did it, are you going again. Etc etc.

All it takes if for somebody to go around and piece that information together from over 250 credible and reliable sources to get most of your secrets.

Notice I haven’t included the Internet in this.

It is a very good chance that your personal details are already on the Internet for Investigators to find when they decide to and all it will take for a good one is less than 10 minutes.

© Copyright 2008 by Paul Baker

Locating people in under 5 minutesInvestigators learn a range of skills during their operations but one thing is true. Not all Investigators are the same and each have special skills or knowledge in a special niche field of Investigations.Most Investigator training courses teach you about the Privacy Act and...